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8,105 views May 23, 2010
(Updated 5/23/2010) You could write a book about this stuff.... so I will!

Since I get a ridiculous amount of NON personal email,


one day an idea swept through my mind:

how can I actually USE it to help others?

Well my dear friends, prepare to be....






Initially I wrote a series of statements with every junk email I received. During the process I realized that my "junk mail" fell into different categories.

Each one so unique to their universal intended purpose: make you feel like

Are You Being Suckered? 

you were born yesterday..... (Thanks P.T. Barnum!)



Here, then, is my (drumroll please!): 


Mission: (ta-daaaaa!)

  1. Use emails that I receive: copied & pasted exactly as they are (fresh out of my inbox). Can you smell it? Hmmmm....
  2. Define their 'tactic' (category): not an easy task, most of them are rehashed, rinsed and repeated...
  3. PUBLISH and EXPOSE them so others can (hopefully) see that someone else also thought:
    • "YES! I KNEW something was wrong with this!!!"
    • "So you mean, this ain't real?"
    • "HEY! That's the same message 'they' sent ONLY to me"!!!"...
    • "So "secret" that someone else already knows about it?" now you get the idea.


In addition to the mission, my goals will also include:

  • my sense of humor since it helps me deal with the insulting audacity these emails keep showing up in my inbox.
  • grammar jewels that are just... well... they sometimes leave me speechless... ironically enough.
  • resources with online links (the REAL WORKING ONES of couse!) to assist any victims
  • your voice! we are all in this together....and I welcome your constructive feedback. PLUS  this comes with an ADDED BONUS:
  • Should this labor of love become something bigger (and it will!)... YOU will be part of this fun adventure and a recognized collaborator!

This is my start.  I have lots to gather, collect, dust, buff, shine and hang out to dry so others won't be.


Stay tuned!



Update: 5/23/2010

Phishing Category Sample: 

Bank of America email.

borderlineswirls.png Line Swirls image by brevebabyborderlineswirls.png Line Swirls image by brevebaby

Bank of America Alert: Online Banking Verification‏

From: Bank of America Alert (

High riskThis message may be a phishing scam. Learn more

Sent: Sun 5/23/10 11:49 AM

To: <my email address>


To ensure delivery, add to your address book.   Exclusively for:  |  DOMINIQUE RYAN   Online Banking

 borderlineswirls.png Line Swirls image by brevebabyborderlineswirls.png Line Swirls image by brevebaby

Something is fishy about this one...

It looks like a mistake: it appears as if nothing loaded when this email came in.

Luckily (?) there is a link to 'access' whatever you are 'missing out' on.

That is their intention: YOUR CURIOSITY will grant them your information.

Lessons to be learned.

  1. Bank of America's real customer service address is NOT where this was sent from. The email in question is : In Bank of America's case they do not have a 'customer service' email address available. The DO have an option to contact them: (
    1. Send us a secure e-mail

      If you already use Online Banking please login and send us an e-mail from within Online Banking. This will allow you to request changes to your account, receive answers to questions about your account, and insure the confidentiality of your account information. Click on the "Mail" link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to send your email.

      For general non-account related questions about Online Banking,send us a secure e-mail. 
  2. (Highlighted) Most of the online email servers are swamped hourly with emails as these. Once the customers flag an email as junk/spam/phishing etc., it automatically warns its users. This can be a great asset most of the time. 
  3. To ensure delivery, add to your address book.  To ensure your information being hacked and inviting/granting them to access it, go ahead and "add to your address book."  so it will by-pass ALL of your email server's filters.
  4. Hey they even personalized it! "Exclusively for: Oh well..too bad "DOMINIQUE RYAN" is not on my birth certificate... or I don't feel like myself today...
  5. Most important detail of all....

Do I even have a See full size image account???!!! 


Please add your comments, questions or suggestions!



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