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1,870 views Mar 02, 2010
Not meeting the deadlines

Working at home does not dispose to punctuality. Being boxed up in the house, you are constantly tempted to look over a newspaper, to have a chat with somebody by phone, to have a cup of coffee, to glance at the TV etc. - i.e., there is always a lot of extraneous things, drawing your attention away from your job. Organizing your work at home is a sophisticated art since you have to prove to all people around you that you are WORKING, that you are not just sitting at the computer, that you are roaming in the Internet because of necessity, that NOW no one is allowed to draw your attention, that this stack of dictionaries MUST be on your table and not in the bookcase in another room etc.

But the nicest problem is to prove all the above to YOURSELF :)


  • Ana Ratkovcic
    Ana Ratkovcic Despite all "disadvantages", I still prefer working at home rather than in a company where I'm the only one working and others are bored because they have nothing to do... such people can be greater obstacles than cats, dogs, phone and TV, .... believe me...  more
    March 6, 2010
  • Sampath Narasimhan
    Sampath Narasimhan '''But the nicest problem is to prove all the above to YOURSELF :)''' Well said and succinctly too; there is no question of late, early or punctuality. We are always driven by the deadline and we know how we CAN manage our time; one needs to pause to self...  more
    March 6, 2010
  • Vladislav Demyanov
    Vladislav Demyanov After several years of freelance, I managed to translate and to watch Champions League football matches on TV :) But, in the end, it was like in old joke: "If you drive a car with one hand and embrace a girl with another one, you do both things poorly"
    March 16, 2010
  • Constance Dashorst
    Constance Dashorst ... indeed, again and again a translator confirms that he/she is the specialist. As I work from my home office for so many years now, I must say I am seldom distracted. I concentrate on the job, roam the Internet if required and feel satisfied when once a...  more
    March 26, 2010

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