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There are so many kinds of natural honey; and I guess every country has its honey which can be different from other countries, perhaps because of the flowers, the weather, different kinds of bees; I reallly don´t know. As I live in Spain, I´m familiar with Spanish honey, which as you see by the article below, there are different types. 

Is honey produced in your country and do you use it a lot instead of sugar? It is said that honey is good for you. What do you think?

If one likes drinking tea, perhaps with a teaspoon of honey it can taste marvelous; or spreading some honey on some toast for breakfast; or even putting honey in yogurt.


"HONEY " has been used by 1.) mankind since the past 2,500 years to cure a lot of 2.) ailments. More and more people are discovering the 3.) wonderful natural 4.) healing properties HONEY has to offer.

Honey has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties which can help the digestive system, feel 5.) healthy and 6. ) fight disease.

Honey is very important in 7.) boosting performance and is a natural 8.) source of carbohydrates which makes our bodies stronger. Honey has antibacterial properties to prevent infections and also works as an anti-inflammatory agent which can reduce 9.) swelling and pain.

Honey also has carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumour properties which can help to 10.) prevent cancer.

Honey contains Propolis, a complex mixture of resins and other substances that 11.) bees use to 12.) seal the hive and 13.) make it safe from bacteria.


So, if you have a 14.) sore throat, honey works wonders because it has antimicrobial properties which can 15.) soothe the throat and kill certain bacteria that causes infection. Professional singers use honey to soothe their throats before starting to sing.

Honey can also help you get a better night´s sleep. Take a glass of warm milk and add a 16.) teaspoon of honey and 17.) sweet dreams.

To prevent 18.) colds this winter, all you have to do is put a 19.) spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water together with the 20.) juice of a lemon, because honey contains important vitamins 21.) such as vitamin C, calcium and 22.) iron. Also, the mixture of honey and 23.) ginger is an excellent espectorant and gives 24.) relief to people suffering from 25.) cough, colds and 26.) sore throats.

There are different types of honey because there are different kinds of flowers, different countries in the world, and all of them with different regions. 27.) Each variety of honey has important properties which can be good for you. And 28.) of course, each country will say that their honey is the 29.) best, so 30.) wherever you live, 31.) find out what kind of natural honey is 32.) available and get information about all the different varieties and properties.

Spain is an important country where honey is produced and Spanish honey is one of the best in the world.

There is 33.) orange blossom honey because there are a lot of orange trees in many spanish regions. It it said that this honey mixed with milk will help you sleep better.

Another well-known honey in Spain is 34.) Rosemary honey. This honey is very aromatic and is good for your 35.) liver; can help you sleep better and make you less stressed.

Eucalyptus honey is good for colds and has a 36.) woody taste. It´s an antiseptic for respiratory and urinary infections.

37.) Thyne honey is also good for respiratory problems and also can help regulate your 38.) blood pressure.

39.) Lavender honey is a 40.) powerful bactericide and antisepetic for insect 41.) bites, 42.) burns and wounds. It is also good for respiratory infections such as colds.

43.) Blossom honey has an intense taste and it is antiflammatory and helps the wound not to 44.) leave a scar.

Anyway, if you´re interested in using honey in your diet, first get all the necessary information about which kind of honey can be the best one for you..

If you like to drink coffee, try adding honey 45.) instead of sugar. Toast some French bread and 46.) spread some honey on it. It´s a 47.) great way to start the morning or simply for a 48.) snack




1. Mankind  = humanidad

2. Ailments = enfermedades

3. Wonderful = maravilloso

4. Healing = curación

5. Healthy  = slaudable

6. Fight disease = luchar contra enfermedades

7. Boosting performance = incrementar redimiento

8. Source  = fuente

9. Swelling and pain  = hinchazón y dolor

10. Prevent  = prevenir

11. Bees  = abejas

12. Seal the hive  = sellan la colmena

13. Make it safe  = hacerlo seguro

14. Sore throat  = dolor de garganta

15. Soothe the throat = calmar la garganta

16. Teaspoon  = cucharadita

17. Sweet dreams  = dulces sueños

18. Colds  = resfriados

19. Spoonful  = cucharada

20. Juice = zumo

21. Such as  = tal como

22. Iron  = hierro

23. Ginger  = jengibre

24. Relief = alivio

25. Cough = tos

26. Sore throats  = dolor de garganta

27. Each  = cada

28. Of course  = desde luego / por supuesto

29. Best  = mejor

30. Wherever = en cual quier parte

31. Find out  = averiguar

32. Available = disponible

33. Orange blossom  = azahar

34. Rosemary  = romero

35. Liver  = hígado

36. Woody taste  = sabor a madera

37. Thyne  = tomillo

38. Blood pressure  = tensión arterial

39. Lavender  = espliego

40. Powerful  = pderoso / potente

41. Bites =  picaduras / mordiscos

42. Burns and wounds  = quemaduras y heridas

43. Blossom honey  = miel de milflores

44. Scar  = cicatriz

45. Instead of  = en ludar de ( en vez de)

46. Spread  = juntar

47. Great way = manera fantástica

48. Snack  = merienda


Expresiones con "Honey"

Mary is a honey  = Máría en un cielo

Honey, can you do this for me  ? Cariño, puedes hacer esto por mi?

This is a honey of a car I´m going to sell you. = Este es una maravilla de coche que te voy a vender


Here´s a song by "The Archies" singing "Honey Honey Sugar Sugar"

Las dos palabras:"Honey" y "Sugar"pueden significar "Cielo" o "Cariño"; Hoy en día se suele usar mas "Honey"para decir "Cariño"



Lyrics                                                   Translated by ajm

Sugar, ah honey honey                              Cielo, ay cariño cariño
You are my candy girl                                Eres mi caramelo
And you've got me wanting you.                  Y me tienes queriéndote
Honey, ah sugar sugar                               Cariño, ay cielo cielo
You are my candy girl                                 Eres mi caramelo 
And you've got me wanting you.                   Y me tienes queriéndote 
I just can't believe the                                  No me lo puedo creer lo 

loveliness of loving you                                bonito que es amándote 
(I just can't believe it's true)                          No me lo puedo creer que sea verdad
I just can't believe the one                            No me lo puedo creer que la que quiero

to love this feeling to.                                   amar y dar este sentimiento
(I just can't believe it's true)                          No me lo puedo creer que sea verdad 
Ah sugar, ah honey honey                           Ay cielo, ay cariño cariño 
You are my candy girl                                  Eres me caramelo
And you've got me wanting you.                    Y me tienes queriéndote
Ah honey, ah sugar sugar                             Ay cariño. ay cielo cielo 
You are my candy girl                                   Eres me caramelo 
And you've got me wanting you.                     Y me tienes queriéndote 
When I kissed you, girl,                                 Cuando te besé, nena

I knew how sweet a kiss could be                   Sabía lo dulce que un beso podría ser
(I know how sweet a kiss can be)                    Se lo dulce que un beso puede ser 
Like the summer sunshine                              Como el el sol en verano

pour your sweetness over me                          Echa tu dulzura sobre mi
(Pour your sweetness over me)                        Echa tu dulzura sobre mi 
Sugar, pour a little sugar on it honey,               Cielo, echa un poco de azúcar sobre ello, cariño 
Pour a little sugar on it baby                            Echa un poco de azúcar sobre ello nena 
I'm gonna make your life                                  Voy a hacer tu vida

so sweet, yeah yeah yeah                               tan dulce, si, si ,si
Pour a little sugar on it oh yeah                        Echa un poco de azúcar sobre ello
Pour a little sugar on it honey,                          Echa un poco de azúcar sobre ello cariño
Pour a little sugar on it baby                             "                         "               "
I'm gonna make your life 

so sweet, yeah yeah yeah                                                                           
Pour a little sugar on it honey,
Ah sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl                                      "                         "               "
And you've got me wanting you.
Oh honey, honey, sugar sugar ..
You are my candy girl ..                                   "                        "                "  

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